365 Nigerians, 365 Stories

365 voices. 365 perspectives.


I am so glad to be part of the collective working together to bring to the world a crowdsourced diary of Nigerians, all over the world. We are putting it all together at the3six5ng. Many have spoken about the danger’s of single stories, I think 365 is well over 1!. I personally hope, this helps people see Nigerians in a different light, dispel stereotypes and answer some questions. More importantly, I’m hoping everyone enjoys the stories!

The inspiration came from The3six5 which I and some others on the team, were a part of. While the original version was for anyone, we decided to tailor it down to Nigerians, for some of the reasons above. You can learn more here

It has kicked off and we have the 4th post up. If you are Nigerian, please don’t hesitate to join us and let your voice be heard. I’ll end with the popular proverb

Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story.

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