My Favorite App



My iPad is loaded with up to 90 apps, which  give me info, that frankly I can live without. None enable me to really do anything..better. I guess I am not as elec-tech driven as I fancied myself to be.

This app helps me stay organized, keeps me sane on a crazy day. I can’t speak of how it calms me down enough. Sketching, Writing, Organizing, Messaging, Calculating…ah I couldn’t live without it.

Here’s to Pen and Paper. May you live long!



3 thoughts on “My Favorite App

  1. I myself have a Surface and use Microsoft Notes to outline my novels. I once tried pen and paper, only to discover my cat threw up all over it, rendering all my notes unusable. So I e-mail my notes to myself and use an external drive to save everything–my cat is much like a toddler.

  2. lmao. Information stored anywhere is subject to being lost and even forever, but I find using P&P helps me exercise me brains better. Hope yer cat is alright.

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