The App of Reading

There are two things I never feel guilty about buying; Books and Food. That I love to read is possibly an understatement. Reading is both an end and a means to an end for me.

How do I read?

I buy books I can hold, that I can smell… Also, a number of times when I can’t sleep Amazon one-click has been my crack. I have e-books on my Kindle for iPad dying to be read.

Electronically, I have been reading with Wattpad, Blogger and the likes. Been a member of Goodreads for over 3years now, I have a 100 books per year challenge I’m trying to accomplish. Still unsatisfied. I want to be able, in an app, to buy books, to read them, quote, make highlights of them and share them, talk about what I’ve reading, find people who have read the same thing and perhaps arrange a meetup! Tried to work on an app once >> Book.Us  which had most of these features but we only had two days together.

At the moment, I have to navigate Amazon, Kindle,  Twitter, Goodreads and most recently Dot Dot Dot!


I am loving this app, and I’m reading quite a lot on it. I read on the web and I also have the app on iPad. I’m not restricted to books like on the Kindle and I can share my highlights. It is still new and has loads of quirks but I love how the timeline shows what people are reading and you get to discover quite a lot. I’m currently putting together some feedback for the team, so they make our experience better.

You should try Dot Dot Dot now! Enjoy.



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