J.Crew Decapitates Model

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I was just trying to have a chill ride back home on a friday evening after work. I wasn’t prepared for the tears that filled my eyes after picking up a JCrew magazine I saw lying on one of the tube carriage seats. I really like fashion and beautiful clothing but certainly, certainly not such blatant display of horror. The ONLY lady not white in this entire magazine had her head cut off. NO other model had this done to her. I’m sorry but what message is this supposed to send to someone like me. I mean, look at the spread, it looks like those girls behind are making jest of the decapitated model.

Ethics? where are ethics in design? I tweeted about this and one of those I follow on twitter, a design teacher in New York, told me “unfortunately, that is standard procedure. #Advertising #BusinessAsUsual” and I’m left wondering, standard procedure for whom? The conversation continued; “To advertising” he said “Having a ‘splash of color’ is enough to add the cool edge to appeal to their core demographic.” Things like this make want to run back to Nigeria, where largely we are protected from such nonsense. On Ethics he goes, “its so hard to see positive change when money takes priority over ethics.”  Sad just sad. “the subtleties bug me the most” he continued, showing me an example: Fat Girls! Abercrombie & Fitch Doesn’t Want Your Business bit.ly/12jDOSe

What Do We Do Then?

I don’t have any power against such corporations still, I can talk about it and draw attention to such issues. None of these things happen in isolation and they add to the circle of debris that continues being flung at us and then asked to allow settle which then become the norm. I asked this teacher, what we can do. “Media literacy for current consumers & future adv/media/merchandising executives could make a difference in the long run” ” I try to get my students to understand why things are marketed to them in a certain way. symbolisms, trends and expectations”

Education. If my post educates just one person, I would be grateful. I really do fear for my unborn kids.


Yes I am disgusted, like their model shows. Very disgusted. I hope I see change in my lifetime.


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