A look back at last year in my old job.

Diary of a UX Designer

I Annoy People

Since I started getting called ‘weird’ in secondary school, I knew that this was going to be my lot in life. I don’t *try* to be different, it’s in my make-up and I really do like a simple life. I dragged myself to work this morning and into a situation I’d rather not have gotten into to. My face was hurting as the hole in my mouth tried to heal,  I could hardly concentrate on what the man was saying before me. Just maybe, maybe I have an issue understanding where boundaries are drawn, I don’t like vague boundaries, flexible not vague. So I am guilty, I am guilty of annoying people and tomorrow I will find out where this leads to.

I Collaborate With People

My normal routine has somewhat been disrupted by certain prevailing issues and the hole in my mouth, so I can’t have normal food and get…

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