Back to Square One

Welcome to 2014!

Seven years ago, I was on an Industrial Attachment from Engineering school. At the time, I had already been designing, illustrating on my own and wanted to explore career options in design not engineering. I got to meet with a couple of animators, illustrators who had just started a media house and I thought it would be a good place for me.

One Sunday afternoon, I went with one of the illustrators to an eatery. I was going to show him the storyboards I had created, on my Macbook and he was hungry. In less than 30mins of being there, armed robbers stormed the eatery. I couldn’t believe what was happening, until the guy with the gun pointed it at my head and told me to get down. Lying flat on the cold floor, I watched my Macbook and my wallet fly into the robbers goody bag.

I was traumatised for a long time, while grateful to be alive. All my work was gone and I couldn’t bear to look at any design software, I just couldn’t. After earning my Bachelor degree in Information and Communication Engineering, a year after, I decided to try for a design programme in the UK.

Seven years after, I am still in design, grateful for every second of what I do. The incident took me back to square one, though I had been self-taught up till that moment, it made me reconsider my options. Through all of it, I got to  understand design properly. It also taught me the value of backing up your stuff asap! So square one is not a bad place to be, embrace it, turn your pain to gain.

Cheers to the New Year, Best wishes xxx


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