Help Us Rescue Our Girls

Many days ago, more than 200 girls were abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. They had been called to school to sit for a Physics examination and next thing anybody knew, they were gone.

“The world must wake up to the escalating tragedy now engulfing Nigeria. Today the lives of 230 teenage schoolgirls hang in the balance.”

Gordon Brown, Channel 4 News

I am writing this because not enough platforms are carrying the story. It is painful as a woman, sister, daughter  (they were abducted on the 15th, one of my sister’s birthday).  Heartbreaking as a Nigerian, completely disheartening as a Human being.

On Education

“People in Chibok farm throughout the year to get their girls to school ” – Chibok Resident to Will Ross @willintune

On Escaping the Kidnappers

“I thought it was the end of my life,” – Deborah Sanya

On the current situation

“Boko Haram members have relocated and forcefully married the Chibok girls” – Senator Zana


Things have gone from bad to worse as the day goes by. Even though about 40 girls escaped, the others left are experiencing untold anguish which we can’t begin to imagine.

Protest marches began yesterday in Nigeria, some of my friends have been involved. They will continue for the rest of the week.

Here are some links that would enlighten you on the history of and current situation.

I will be updating this post everyday. Thank you.


It all started before the Chibok girls >> My family is crying and grieving


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