Thanks For Listening

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since I blogged about our girls that were kidnapped from Chibok. At the time, only a few media organizations were carrying the story and we still hadn’t heard a word from our president amongst other things. I intended to update the story everyday and began curating on storify but things grew so fast I couldn’t keep up.

Now, that I write, a lot has happened, many have since joined hands with us to speak about our girls and our president has shown his commitment to saving these girls. The #BringBackOurGirls campaign started by a Nigerian on twitter went worldwide and the protests held in Nigeria were now held in San Francisco, London and many other cities.

Some tried to use this campaign to further their career and scam people out of their monies, but they were quickly apprehended. Many have also thrown a spin on the campaign which this article ‘The Real Story’ by Atane Ofiaja addresses.

It gladdens my heart that the concern for these girls hasn’t been swept under the rug. I am happy that we know they are actively been sought for now, by Nigerian and foreign military. It is still heartbreaking to see and listen to the stories of their families as they wait in anticipation.

Thank you for listening and empathizing with us, it’s not yet over, but we know that a positive movement has begun and that gives us hope.


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