Last Week’s Thoughts (2)


Hello, I’m enjoying writing this because I never know what the week will bring. It gives me one more thing to look forward to. Happy New Month! I am biased but August really is the best of all 🙂


It seems otherworldly, like Sci-fi, the speed at which it kills and the fact Ebola has no cure is frightening. Ebola finally got to my country. Knowing that all my family is there, makes it realer than real. I have friends in the North of Nigeria who said they heard Ebola was killing people in Lagos. This drove home the importance of knowing and sharing accurate information, Social Media doesn’t reach everywhere so be responsible as you become ‘Personal Media’ 

But what is Ebola? Forbes tries to sum it up here, What You Need to Know about Ebola. A couple of Nigerian devs put this up EbolaFacts. However there is hope, some people have survived the viral infection, I caught Ebola in Guinea and Survived and I think those who work as doctors, nurses in theses places are heroes, Saving lives on the Ebola frontline in Guinea

Hopefully a cure will come soon in the mean time share the word

 Crazy Love


Sites I like

There are a few sites that struck me this week, I have to highlight some.

>> Wahanda, For all your spa and relaxation needs. I think it’s well ‘engineered’ things work as expected, do I have negatives?, sure, but the positive experience outweighs the negative that it beomes negligible.

>> FirstThings, When I first opened this site, the first thing that hit me was how readable it was. For those wondering, the font is Sorts Mill Goudy. It’s not just the font though, it’s everything working together for good.

>> ManServant, We are still not sure if this is a joke, but it’s hard to fault the execution of this site.

Christmas & Music

I never really thought about it before, who my favorite European ‘Classic’ composers are. It came upon my thoughts via a book and the sound of a traditional Christmas hymn composed by Vivaldi. Suddenly, I wanted it to be December.

At the moment my favorites would be Mozart, Chopin and Strauss. Their life stories are equally fascinating. Chopin is reported to have said “Play Mozart in memory of me…”

Being Mum

It was my mother’s birthday, one of my closest friend and my niece’s birthday last week but I’ll talk of my mum. She was pregnant with me at my current age, I was going to be her 4th child then she had 3 more. I was about 10 when she got her MBA, she already had a degree in Maths.

I grew up in an environment where my mum stood for father and mother, in fact I didn’t realise ‘inequalities’ existed and for that I’m grateful.  It gladdens me that she has seen half of us get married with grandkids to boot, I know that makes her very happy.

Nigerian Weddings


It’s hard to beat the grandeur of an above average Nigerian wedding. The outfits alone are intimidating. Check these sites for more

Barbie & Ken’s Big Nigerian Wedding

Love Nigerian Weddings


I love airplanes but I’m not really fond of spending 6+ hours in them, so when Etihad introduced it’s new A380 Residence suites, it made me balk. Though I feel flying first class is now worth the money, leather seats and ensuite shower in the air, I couldn’t help think about the widened gap between the Moneyed and the Non.

Why are people not railing against the blatant classism?  I ask myself. Money happens to be the biggest discriminator yet the most tolerated, why is this? I asked my Uncle who is a philosopher and he said it was because the Nons are greedy and want to get to the Moneyed’s position, they surely don’t want to get there and find everyone on the same level, figures.

Sharing’  is not Caring

When Airbnb introduced their new brand and stories, I was taken aback. I didn’t expect to dislike it so much, so much that I can’t book anything on the site. It says something about belonging anywhere, a reality I do not share amongst other things.

It made me think a bit more about this whole ‘Sharing’ business. It’s not really sharing, if I have to pay you for something, that’s a business transaction. Sharing is a gift. A HuffPo blogger wrote this recently, Sharing is Caring. But not in the Sharing Economy

Our Callings

It was fascinating to hear someone talk with so much passion and excitement about working in hospital, delivering babies, A&E runs. You certainly want that person attending to you when you have to be in hospital.

Curiosity drives passion and passion gives you energy to fulfil your duties in the best way possible. I can’t imagine being excited about being anywhere near a hospital, but talk about design and watch me go. You see, that’s the interesting thing about life! We all have our callings, and we need each other. There’s no ‘na my own better pass’ find your calling and work it.

Quotes of the Week

“Boredom is like pain, a signal to attend to something in you, crucial” Antonia A.

“Evil people make alliances, not friendships, and then they break them when they are of no more use.” Anthony Esolen

“I’m not creative” is a self-fulfilling prophecy – Author Unknown

“There is no art in the possible, there is art in making the impossible possible” Karl Smith

“One of the things I found beautiful when I got introduced to computing was the key combination ALT-F4. You can ALWAYS start again” Victor Asemota

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Health Advice


Till next week, Be wonderful.

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