Storymaking For a Better User Experience

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Stories are great, we all love a good one. Storytelling is useful in helping us connect with others, companies and brands. We can enhance this by co-creating stories using StoryMaking methods.

“StoryMaking is the engagement in creation of a story with one or more people”

Where storytelling is usually one-way, storymaking is a conversation. Storymaking allows you not only tell a story, but invite others to be a part of the story.
One interesting example is HONY (Humans of New York). at first we were only told the stories of different people, but it goes further in inviting others/readers to participate. e.g People are able to donate to causes that they could follow up on like this 13yr-old getting to meet President Obama. People can support in so many ways who they connect with in the stories which has made the entire HONY experience even more precious. Those who have co-created this way are more engaged and they look for more opportunities to do it.

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I don’t think every context needs this, storytelling will work fine in many, but there are lots of scenarios, e.g in creating online communities were this is crucial as an engagement piece. It is often through shared experiences especially challenging ones that powerful human bonds are formed.

In the next post on this, I will talk about a project I was invited to work on, and how we are incorporating StoryMaking into it. (Not convinced ‘StoryMaking’ is the best word, if you have ideas let me know)

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