New Podcast & Events Roundup

New Podcast on Digital Drift.

Francis and I speak with Victor Dibia a doctoral researcher at City University Hong Kong, Carnegie Mellon Alumni. Victor spoke about his background and what led him to take a research position. The podcast covers questions on Victor’s background, his schooling, his foray in the Nigerian tech scene, his work on wearables and what’s next for him.

To learn more about Victor Dibia, his website his company 

Events Roundup

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of events over the past few weeks. One was the Everywoman conference which was focused on tech. Had the chance to listen to women leaders from Facebook, Salesforce. Martha Lane Fox of They all stressed the importance of mentors, something is trying to enable.

My favorite session was a workshop with Ros Taylor called presence with a punch. Coaching on how to connect with people.

I learned important things on UX strategy from the speakers at UXPA Learned how to make people smile at HCID2015 from Ravi, an event organized by the interaction lab at City Uni. I whooped to the talk by Ebay’s Aline Baeck talking about opening the design black box which I’ve written something similar on

Had a wonderful conversation with Jonathan Hassell on accessibility, get his book here

Last but not least, listened to the future of tech from two amazing speakers at Trans IP Magnus Lindkvist and Stephanie Hankey. One of the best I’ve heard.

It’s all been good, and I look forward to many more.

Digital Shoreditch and Web We Want are around the corner, I will be volunteering and speaking at these events, let’s connect!


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