Podcast Ep7: Interview with Andela Co-founder

Digital Drift had the opportunity to interview Iyin Aboyeji – cofounder of Andela – A global talent accelerator that aims to produce 100,000 world class software developers across Africa in 10 years.

(Caution!: Antonia joins at 17:12)

Iyin starts with giving a background of himself and how going to the Univesity of Waterloo in Canada transformed his life. He dreamed of bringing the university’s co-op system to Nigeria.

Andela is a product of many talented people who truly want to change the world. Andela is a 4-yr co-op programme where people work, get paid and learn, he explains the rationale behind 4yrs.

Andela wants to build world-class developers who not just develop, but solve problems and become decision makers in the world. With an average age of 25, and a drive to get more women in, Andela candidates will become full stack developers over the 4 years.

He also talks us through the challenges and learnings from his earlier startups, BookNeto and Fora.

Iyin says he is a public servant and eco-system builder, which we think is a very worthy thing to be.

Andela is hiring Trainers and Mentors! email: apply@andela.co or e@andela.co twitter: @iaboyeji

Andela Website

Andela CEO – Jeremy Johnson

Forbes 10 Innovative Companies Improving Lives

Andela features on Fedex


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