I Learned How to Swim Later


Imani Wilcott

Some years ago, I learned how to surf. It is still one of the best experiences I’ve had on holiday. It won’t have been possible if I told people I couldn’t swim, I was more concerned of encountering a shark!

Fast forward to 2015, I had my hopes and plans all laid out as I entered the year, I was even in my ‘dream job’  if someone told me I’d be where I am now, I’d have said, no way! As I thought of writing this because, reflection time, I remembered how much of a risk-taker I was, trying out many things without listening to people who said I couldn’t.

For the first 6 months of the year, I’ve had to face first-time, direct instances of racism, sexism, isolation, a cancer-scare, losing income, living on hope, owning up to my naivety… It’s interesting how fast dreams turn to nightmares. But without these things, I won’t have encountered the amazing, wonderful people who have come into my life, the projects I’ve embarked on, publishing a book after 20yrs of dreaming it, even becoming a finalist for a $1 Million prize competition.

Most importantly, the realization that haters gon hate…it’s a big distraction! Don’t neglect your work (which I did), Don’t make work your core identity either, listen to your heart (which I didn’t) You see what I have to learn and relearn…exciting.

I’m so grateful about all this because no matter what the next 6 months of this year is going to bring, I say, bring it on! but first, swimming lessons 😀


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