Research, Axure, and Gender

Over the past couple of weeks, got the opportunity to attend a few UX-focused events.

Remote Research Tools


This was organised by The Research thing . We got to learn about three ways to carry out remote research; What Users Do, Session Cam and Nativeye which is the much needed tool for testing via mobile.

I came away thinking that remote research offers a more authentic experience against bringing people into a lab. Still, a lot depends on the expertise of the researcher. I also realised that there’s a dire need for mobile research tools.

Sketch note by Dr Makayla Lewis


Axure Meetup with Sandra Gonzalez

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 00.23.41

I got the tee-shirt!


Thanks to Sandra who runs the Axure Meetups in London I got to learn a few nice tricks around using dynamic panels in Axure, and how Axure can be very useful for documentation from David Fennell, UX head at Virgin Media.

45% OFF for members ONLY! – Full-Day Axure Prototyping Workshop – August 14th

Gender and Design with Ladies that UX at Twitter


Organized by Ladies That UX London, this was very interesting to me as I’ve been exploring this topic and trying to explain it all to myself.

The first speaker, Dr Simone Stumpf talked about the research behind genders and the second speaker, Claire Growler who doesn’t identify as a man or women, spoke about how to design for/ask about gender. You can read a more detailed version of the event from the Ladies That UX Blog

There was a lively QnA/Discussion after the talks and I came away with lots of questions. I don’t think for one second that gender doesn’t matter, however, we should not assume anything about a person and when we do and are corrected, we should accept correction with as much grace as possible and attempt to do better next time. This goes a long way in what we design.

Last month, in trying to explain to myself how identities are reflected in society I made this which I found wasn’t so far away from the Genderbread Person map.


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