The Christian and Technology


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I grew up in a world where co-existence made sense to me. My dad’s family are Muslims and my mum, Christian. I learned arabic as a kid and still like my given muslim name. My dad didn’t practice Islam, he thought truth was beyond both faiths and went into AMORC eventually finding his way to Christianity, in his late 40s.

My parents were both into science in some form. My dad studied Psychology and my mum, Mathematics. I mean…there wasn’t any question about this, if God made something, ‘science’ simply explained what it was. So far, I’ve had very few reasons to doubt this even when I decided to leave ‘church’.

And it continues to this day. Working in technology has not proven incompatible to the belief I hold in Jesus. In fact, I have sought out avenues to use technology to enhance my experience and others. Last year I actively went looking for Christians in tech in London and around the world which led me to communities like Kingdom Code Kingdom Builders and Indigitous. I also found out about the Ocean an accelerator for Christian focused startups and Code for the Kingdom a global hackathon

More and more, my everyday life has been enhanced by the use of digital applications which give bible reading, studying and praying a boost! I’m grateful for these

Favorite Apps 

Prayermate – This is currently number one because it’s made me think more about people and actually contact them while praying for them.

First 5 – The newest addition to my bucket, I enjoy the studies and comments by other women, it’s so touching and helpful to see others share challenges, testimonies and prayers.

Youversion Bible app- Solid and trusted companion, really like the variety in daily devotions one can pick from, and enjoy seeing community comments on certain parts of the bible

Devotion – Light-hearted daily devotional with community comments!

Whatsapp – For staying in touch!

I continue to seek more ways to create technology or use technology in faith. If anyone is interested in podcasting, building applications, meeting up for a chat, discussions and study, hola!


Christian – A person who has put faith and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ, His death on the cross as payment for sins and His resurrection as assurance of eternal life

Technology – This is limited to or focused on Digital Technology

Book Recommendation

Virtually Human: Flourishing in a Digital world by Ed Brooks & Pete Nicholas

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