Out and About in London


Getting into 2016, I realized how much pressure I was under last year and decided to cut down the number of events and meetups I was a part of. The effects of the stress carried on for a number of months, before I felt ready to become active in the community again. Big lessons.

Now, I’m happy to have met people who are willing to help and walk alongside me to plan, organise and sometimes I get to just sit there and listen.

A few recent events

Codecademy London

The opportunity to host Codecademy’s first meetup in the UK has been awesome, now we have more than a 1000 members! However things haven’t always run smoothly, once only two people showed up, haha 😩. I’m happy that we have been able to make some really cool partnerships, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

Join Us!

Nigerians in Tech

Someone had the good idea to get Nigerians who work in technology in the UK together. Being outside our motherland should not stop us from building things for the good of the country. This is the reason we gathered together.

Interested? Contact ADT

Pluralsight Author’s Meetup

Been an Author with Pluralsight and DG for over 2yrs, It was good to meet some of the team and other authors in London. Food and more food on offer, nice day out to chill

Learn about Pluralsight, Become an Author

UNLTD Retreat

Can’t believe I almost missed out on this, so thankful for the opportunity to have been there. I think I’m getting better at this making partnerships thing. I’ve got to meet a few people who I am currently working with, developing ideas etc

 UnLTD supports social enterpreneurs

Tech Nation Breakfast

This was organised by TechCity UK to help people get a better understanding of the current Tech Nation Visa Scheme. I invited a number of people I thought would benefit from this and it was cool to catch up with old classmates.

Learn about the Tech Nation Visa

Book Swap and Book Club

Thanks to the nice people at Novellic, who organised this event to launch their new app which is all about bringing together people and their love for books. Books, Food and Wine, what more could one ask for?

Get the app!

While I can’t be actively involved in a lot of things. I will keep my eyes open and spread the word out on all the good stuff I find. For now, cheerios.


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