Gratitude-Thinking: A business approach?

Thanks-Thinking, that’s what I was going to call it, that’s how it was told to me in my dream and then I read the etymology of ‘Thanks’ On second thoughts, maybe that’s not too bad. Think-Thinking

Dream? yes, that’s right. This idea came to me while I was sleeping, it was actually a former client of mine who was telling me, in the dream, that it was a new approach they were taking to better their customer experience (Got to share this with them in person, hilarious)

What is ‘Gratitude or Thanks-thinking’ ?

It is applying the principle of gratitude to problem-solving, the specific problem of customer experiences.

Appreciation over Acquisition

One aspect of this is approaching customers, or potential customers with the intent of appreciation rather than acquisition or retention. In practical terms this means rewarding every step they take towards your brand, application or product.

This could also be applied to internal users/customers, employees.

Thanks and Gratitude is all about paying attention to people, to life, being thoughtful. I am still thinking of this, my thoughts will come more alive as I discuss this with the people around me. Atleast one person says there is something of value in the idea. More importantly we can apply some of these ideas in real time and see how it works!


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