Tips for Clients seeking Designers


Design. I know there are a number of articles focused on definitions and what not, that doesn’t really matter when there’s work to be done so I will just get down to the business.

Ask questions.

Ask yourself and those around you. What are you trying to build? What do you have, Do you know how to get the there? Seen an app or website you like? reach out and ask them how they got there. Don’t know the difference between UX and UI ? Ask. What is your priority, proof of concept or improvement?

Don’t look for titles.

Too many people looking for python/UX designers. If you can get through some of the questions above it will help much more than a particular person’s title. Depending on a project and what’s required I can take on a number of titles, but the question always remains, what is to be done?. Let that be the priority.

Clarify. Clarify. Clarify.

Before you hire a person. Make sure you know what you are getting at the end of it. This will only be possible if you ask the right questions and know where you want to get to.

Recently been in a situation where someone was asking for a UX person, my next question was, for what? a UX designer can do a range or just one thing. “We are building an app, we need help with UX designs” I tell him “UI design, that’s what you need” look for a person that can do UI design, if they use a UX approach, even better!

To the designers, we need to keep doing the hard work of educating our clients to help them do great things. One wonderful thing about having ‘experience’ is that you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. You can look at a project and tell what they really need not want they are looking for. Do this more.

If anyone has any tips, please let me know, thanks.


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