A Son for All.

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There was no way to tell how I would feel when the day to remember my father’s passing arrived. My heart was already torn from the fact that I wouldn’t be able to travel to Nigeria for the occasion. I found myself in my uncle’s house, after praying and reminiscing, I stumbled on a set of words, which captured my thoughts succinctly.

 Ibi gbogbo nii rọ àdàbà l’ọ́rùn

In English, it means, “Everywhere is comfortable for the dove” ah, Daddy. The epitome of a gentle, honest, selfless spirit. There was no restlessness about him and I found myself searching for this in many, in men. Even now as tears threaten to fall, unbelievable the years gone by, our last Christmas together — I remember his encouragement, his love, he had my name saved in his phone as ‘Writer’ I would come to know this only a few months after he died. How could I not, between him and God, the call is certain.

Most importantly, he knew the truth of the gospel; that humanity is saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ, in God not by works or following any rule book, what joy, what comfort. Rejoice, Rejoice.

For God soooo loved the world that He Gave His only Son that Whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have life, everlasting

Merry Christmas 🙂