About Me


Hi, my name is Antonia.

I’m a Christian and Nigerian, an INFJ. I love dogs, cafes, airplanes, travelling, storytelling, volunteering, teaching, drawing stick-figures, illustrating, video-gaming, debates, water-parks, music and books. Sometimes I publish my thoughts on Medium. I support the Toon Army and Man UTD in my spare time.

My passion revolves around helping people be better at work and/or life.

Right now I work as a User Experience Consultant. I love this because it is the perfect balance of intuition and logic, people, art and technology. It keeps me curious. Creating energises me, while interacting with people in collaboration and research helps me focus my energies positively. I get to solve problems for people and businesses using the User Experience toolset.

Currently exploring the intersections of personality, design and the workplace (work, teams, environment). Interested or have anything I can learn from, please contact me! [tonianni@yahoo.com].

Stay Bright.

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