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Book.US is a reading application which will help people who read share their opinions and reviews of a book. They will also be able to  engage in a public exchange of ideas and books.
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The People

We are four individuals, UX and Visual Designers. In relation to tasks. I collaborated with my team in the generation of ideas, conception stages. Also was on hand to refine the ideas, did some independent user research and then some more with the team in central London. We put all the ideas together and I created the wireframes, sketches, personas and user journey.

The Process

The first thing we did after reading through the brief was to just bring all our ideas to the table. We didn’t think of any constraints at the moment, we just told our own stories about reading and what we would love to have as readers. After that, we started looking at these ideas and what they would mean to several groups of people and in the long run.

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Did some User research and testing which helped us refine our ideas and test our assumptions.

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Personas – We decided to target the 18-35 age group, because this where the culture of reading really dips. We wanted to make these people enthusiastic about it again.
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The main challenge for us was whittling down the mass of ideas we had. It is a very interesting product/project and had gotten lots of insights through our User research, but the main question was, which idea do we take forward?. We were finally able to bring the most outstanding idea to the front by being firm and asking our selves questions on what was the most important to start with.


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